An Extreme Reach presentation at the IHAF Women’s Leadership Summit focuses on a simple practice that’s transforming marketing workflow, told through the lens of a leadership initiative that centers on DEI.

Teams often rely on legacy processes when launching digital campaigns. This creates pain points for those on the front lines who are responsible for activating the work. Luckily, there’s an easy way to remove this friction, giving in-house agencies (and their partners) greater visibility and control. The Value of Disruption, reveals a simple practice that transforms the marketing workflow. 

In an illuminating 15-minute presentation, Courtney Allen, ER’s Director of Client Relations and Chair of our DEI Committee, shares insights about the ways  disruption can fuel innovation and spark positive change. Starting with a look at ER’s roots and how the company disrupted and transformed the delivery of ad creative, Courtney weaves a narrative that includes the story of her own career and her work leading the DEI Committee. By providing tools for education, amplifying voices and promoting accountability, our committee is creating the opportunity for meaningful change. 

View the recording at your convenience and visit our website to learn more about ER’s centralized creative asset management platform built specifically for brand marketers and their agency partners who create and launch video campaigns across a complex global media landscape. To learn about the work of ER’s DEI committee, visit  

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