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The In’s and Out’s of Brand Campaign Activation

Check out a 20-minute presentation from the ANA In-House Agency Conference to better understand the in’s and out’s of brand campaign activation. 

The world of advertising is wildly creative. And to be successful, marketing teams require a metropolis of people working together in synchronicity. The stakes are high and expectations are even higher, but it’s not always pretty under the surface. Deep in the trenches, unsung heroes are doing the less glamorous work of dealing with all the everyday burdens that get in the way: Process Fiction, Workflow Gaps, Mundane Tasks, Asset Disorganization, Manual Handoffs, the list goes on…

Melinda McLaughlin, CMO at Extreme Reach, offers her thoughts on the best way to enable in-house agencies to focus on the mission instead of the mundane—whether you’re fully in-house, beginning to think about launching an in-house agency or somewhere in-between. 

Learn more about ER’s centralized creative asset management platform built specifically for brand marketers and their agency and production partners. 

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