The End of Tape: Why it’s Time for Advertisers to Switch to Digital Delivery

By Extreme Reach  | 

It’s finally happened. Maxell, one of the largest producers of video tape in North America, has discontinued production of tape. With other manufacturers likely to follow suit in the months to come, and with tape stock getting more difficult to source, it’s the perfect time to consider switching to Extreme Reach’s all-digital delivery solution for TV paid programs . We manage and distribute the majority of the long-form direct response market and over half of our deliveries are already done digitally via the Extreme Reach platform so we’ve earned a reputation as the industry’s most trusted method for digital ad management and distribution. Reputation aside, here are five additional reasons why it’s time to consider a switch.

Streamline organization – Having an online library of files will eliminate the need for physical storage. Plus, paid programs can be re-sent for up to one year from the delivery date.

Expedite delivery – Without the logistics of creating and sending physical tapes, digital delivery of paid programs can happen in a matter of hours.

Speed up revisions – Direct response advertisers can fast-track revisions or replacements based on audience feedback with minimal lag time.

Increase efficiency – Digital delivery enables the delivery of ready-to-air files formatted to your exact specifications, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

Remove risk while lowering costs – Easily-automated digital delivery and formatting can significantly reduce the chance of mistakes, which means your overhead costs are lower.

Ready to make the transition? Contact the Video Network team at 800.958.0066 or [email protected] to make your pain-free move to digital delivery.

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