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Taking Inspiration from the Best of the Best, ER Launches Ad Campaign Celebrating AdBridge

Update January 15, 2021: At Extreme Reach, we take Talent & Rights management VERY seriously. Our “Air Quotes” Campaign is no longer live and the usage rights have expired. While we must blur the picture, we applaud the work of our amazing (funny!) cast of actors.

How did an ad for a personal care product turn a demeaning cliché — “like a girl”—into an anthem for female empowerment? Or a spot for men’s body wash take over the internet and bring couples together? Or a beer brand make bro’ silliness so endearing and relatable it sparked countless imitations and earned a Cannes Lion.

That’s just brilliant ad creative at work. Transforming the mundane into the relatable. Turning mere seconds of storytelling into a common cultural touchpoint for millions, and for decades—as anyone over 50 who can hum “I’d like to teach the world to sing” can tell you.

How can you not be obsessed? Our passion for ad creative drives all that we do. We don’t make the ads —though we do make our own, but hold that thought—and we don’t choose the media they’re destined for, but we’ve spent the last decade perfecting everything in between in order to safeguard and manage our clients’ storytelling genius. Our AdBridge platform is the safest, most seamless and reliable infrastructure for preparing, managing and delivering those precious stories across a fragmented media sphere on time, in the right format and in compliance with performers’ contracts.

Passion Project
So when we set out to create a marketing campaign of our own, we had high aspirations. The amazing work of the brands we work with every day provided so much inspiration. And while we have no illusions that our campaign exists in the same plane as those, we do hope that our own brand story is rising above the cacophony of noise to surprise, delight and resonate with our audience like any successful marketing campaign must do to have an impact.

Our AdBridge “Air Quotes” campaign is designed to help marketers and all their partners better understand the workflow friction that’s abundant in the ad industry today, and the costly consequences of putting a solution on the back burner while they put other fires out. While we take workflow and operational efficiency extremely seriously, we also appreciate that we’re not tackling world peace. We hope that through a lighter, more fun approach to B2B advertising, our story resonates and even makes people pause for a moment to consider a better way. Ultimately, through storytelling, our end goal is to communicate how simple it is to fix these widespread workflow problems so teams can get back to the truly hard parts of advertising.

As an in-house creative agency with high storytelling expectations, we enlisted some outside creative fire power to push the boundaries of our own ideas. First, we partnered with Cedric Geese, a seasoned and highly successful copywriter who built his storytelling muscle inside a bigtime creative agency on big brand accounts. Then we enlisted Ben Weinstein, a director with a wealth of commercial and creative experience, and a cast of seasoned comedy/improv actors who helped us strike the right balance between the fun elements—a humorous and entertaining storyline—with the critical business value messaging necessary for our audience’s decision making.

We put our heart and soul into our campaign just like our clients do. And, of course, we were supremely lucky to have every team and function we needed right inside our own walls — from Talent & Rights Management to Production Payroll to Video Ad Serving to Creative Asset Management.

We see ourselves as peerless caretakers of the creative and the stories that move people. We know first-hand how emotional and personal the process of creation truly is. How giving it all isn’t just measured in hours devoted but in blood, sweat and tears expended. We invested so much in our campaign. We know how much heart goes into our clients’ creative and are proud to play a role in honoring that.

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