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Super Bowl LIII Q&A with Chris Wood, DMNews

About Chris Wood:
Chris Wood is the Associate Editor of DMNews. He took some time out of his Super Bowl focused schedule to share his insights on which brands will stand out, as well as on which medium most viewers will tune into what he calls, one of America’s great holidays.

Do you expect a new brand will steal the show this year? If so, which one/in what industry?
It seems to me that Bumble will be a break-out brand this year. The dating app already has millions of users, but the Serena Williams campaign will communicate to a much broader audience. It started as a necessary disrupter. This exposure will make it more trusted, almost like eharmony.

Since OTT platforms spiked in Q3 2018, will more viewers watch the game through a live video streaming service?
The numbers are pretty convincing: Yes.

 In the age of YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, why do you think marketers are still willing to throw down millions of dollars for a 30-second Super Bowl ad?
My working assumption is that marketers are tying their brand legacy (or trying to build a new one) to the legacy of the Super Bowl, one of America’s great holidays. Social media and other digital channels are used here to extend that initial TV spend. The same principle is in play with influencers who share their personal content by visiting the Super Bowl, attending parties or participating in other tentpole events. What would they share with their followers if nothing big like the Super Bowl happened? The same applies to the premium 30-second spot. I don’t think it’ll ever die.

For the first time, CBS will stream the Super Bowl on OTT platform CBS All Access. Given this, do you think viewership on linear TV will decrease?
I think (as do many smarter people than me in TV) that the OTT/CTV space will eventually consolidate and provide the ease-of-use to viewers that might keep them for a time watching linear. We’re in the transition phase now. I don’t see it remaining an either-or for that much longer.

What’s your favorite Super Bowl commercial of all time and why?
“Bud” Wise” “er.” Those frogs! I remember the first time seeing it and thinking, that’s it? But it stays with you…it’s brilliant!

Any plans for the Big Game?
It will be a mellow and early night for me. I’ve got to rest up for all the post-Super Bowl coverage on Monday.