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Q2 2021 Video Benchmarks, AdBridge Insights

Data from Extreme Reach’s Q2 Video Benchmarks Report shows that the main theme for the first half of 2021 is media mix consistency. However, the sheer volume of impressions served by ER to the industry’s darling—CTV—continues to rise rapidly with a 3x increase over Q2 2020. As our CMO, Melinda McLaughlin, told MarTech, “CTV is definitely a priority for many marketers and is a focal point in the industry as more advertising dollars flow to that platform.”

Across ER’s broad range of video ad serving clients, and the unique media mix they each design to drive their marketing efforts, we see a pattern of consistency in a few areas that extends through the last four quarters: CTV remains the leading platform based on share of impressions served. CTV also leads in completion rates. While video completion rates overall trended down in Q2, CTV retained its strength with an impressive 96% completion rate.

Fifteen and 30-second ads rule, with 30s taking the lead by a wide margin. Despite other choices of shorter and longer ads, impressions served by ER show a distinct preference for the reliable workhorses these two lengths have proved themselves to be. “Thirty-second ads are far and away the most popular,” said McLaughlin. “While this length might work best for premium publishers, we also think it’s what our industry at large is comfortable with. Ultimately, advertising is an ROI game, and it’s not surprising that we continue to see a consistent reliance on the 30-second, tried and true ad length.”

The outlier, in terms of consistency, is media type. Over the last three quarters, premium publishers—long the dominant media type—have been in a head-to-head competition with media aggregators, alternating in the lead position. Q4 2020 saw aggregators taking the lead for the first time. Premium publishers jumped back in Q1, and in Q2, aggregators moved ahead again. This, of course, reflects changes in the inventory available through aggregators and is one example of the shifting undercurrents in the industry that impact buying decisions.

Download the full report, which also gives you access to our trend file that provides a snapshot of quarterly metrics dating back to Q1 2016.

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