Q1 2021 Video Benchmarks, AdBridge Insights

By Mary Vestewig  | 

The video ad landscape has been through an extended period of disruption over the last year, as well as significant growth. 

In Q1, advertisers leaned into the familiar, including the ever-popular 30-second ad length that, at 88%, saw its largest share of impressions since the launch of ER’s quarterly reports in 2016. 15-second ads, conversely, totaled just 12%, an indication that marketers are largely opting for more time to connect with viewers. 

At 44%, CTV remains the leader in share of impressions by platform and with an increase of 17% from Q4 2020, is returning to levels not seen by ER since 2019. Desktop and mobile in-app follow, each with a 22% share of impressions. We continue to see that digital native DTC brands tend to favor ads on mobile and desktop over CTV, likely due to their focus on attribution. 

After falling behind media aggregators in Q4 2020, premium publishers moved back into the lead, accounting for 54% of impressions, while media aggregators served 46% of impressions in Q1 2021. This was the highest percentage for premium publishers since Q2 2020, when they accounted for 65% share of impressions served by ER.

New to this report is a look at how aggregator and premium publisher impressions in Q1 break out by platform. CTV far and away takes the lead among premium publishers at 69%, followed by mobile in-app at 12%, desktop at 9%, mobile web at 7% and unclassified at 2%. You’ll find a full breakdown for aggregators on page 6.  

Download the full report, which also gives you access to our trend file that provides a snapshot of quarterly metrics dating back to Q1 2016.

Extreme Reach is growing too. In fact, we’re going global! Our agreement to acquire Adstream was announced in April and the deal is expected to close in Q2, creating the first and only independent global platform for marketers that simplifies the activation of multichannel campaigns, including global ad serving. We look forward to expanding our quarterly reports and providing a snapshot of global video metrics. If you have questions or comments stemming from what you read here, we’d love to hear from you at [email protected].

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