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Pssst…There’s a workflow nightmare lurking behind video ad campaigns

If you’re a part of the workflow involved in getting video ads to all screens and devices, you are all too familiar with the extra steps and manual processes that slow the whole thing to a crawl. You know about the long, winding email trails generated in the search for the right creative asset and the even longer trail that ensures the ad is quality checked, formatted properly for every screen, trafficked and safely delivered to its many destinations.

If you’re not privy to this process, boy would you be amazed.

What century is this?? Cars can almost drive themselves, robots perform delicate, life-saving surgeries, face-timing friends half way around the world is the norm. And in our very own industry, technology has enabled the buying and selling of ads in milliseconds.

At Extreme Reach we think it’s time for the workflow madness to stop. We’re determined to eliminate any and every obstacle that stands in the way of our clients’ success in getting video ads from creation to “air.” The good news is we’ve got the solution and it’s so simple you may not believe it at first glance.

Much like today’s biggest and most successful media companies – think Netflix®, YouTube® and Spotify® — the Extreme Reach Video Asset Cloud uses a streaming model to move advertising creative fast and seamlessly to every screen and every device. See how streaming assets from one secure source benefits all involved and how Extreme Reach transforms the nightmare workflow into a “stream come true.”