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Paying the Crew on a Commercial Shoot is a Key Part of Getting Things Right

Update January 15, 2021: At Extreme Reach, we take Talent & Rights management VERY seriously. Our “Air Quotes” Campaign is no longer live and the usage rights have expired. While we must blur the picture, we applaud the work of our amazing (funny!) cast of actors.

When it comes to making ads that will delight and engage audiences, most marketers would rather put their energies into storytelling and media planning than production admin. But the foundation of a successful campaign starts with the effectiveness of the crew. The camera, lighting, sound and other backstage players may not get a spotlight, but they play a critical role in every production. Knowing from the start that payroll, union regulations and healthcare compliance are in the hands of a reliable partner, means production teams can focus on bringing their creative vision to life.

In the making of our AdBridge™ “Air Quotes” campaign, we got a sense for the importance of managing not just the on-camera talent but also taking care of those unsung heroes off camera who make it all come together. In addition to seeing the producer and eight comedy troupe actors bring our script to hilarious life, we also got a glimpse at how many people it takes to make those actors shine. And we relied fully on our own Production Solutions team seamlessly manage all the different pay and benefits packages it takes to compensate every team quickly and in compliance with their specific pay requirements.

Bridging the Gaps in Legacy Workflows
Most creative workflows rely on separate point solutions and outside staffers to handle production admin, introducing countless opportunities for error. At ER, the Production Solutions team bridges those growing gaps and makes payroll and compliance effective, efficient and easy. Built upon years of experience managing all functions needed to support the on-set production of film, TV and commercial shoots, Production Solutions provides the software and experts to create solutions tailored to the specific needs of the advertising and entertainment industries.

Marketers have a lot on their plate bringing commercial productions to life. With ER as your partner in managing crew services, it’s one less thing to worry about.