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Partnering with Integral Ad Science for Video Verification Measurement

 We’re really happy to share the news of our partnership with Integral Ad Science, a global data and technology company recognized for its innovation and outstanding customer service. Our technology integration for video verification measurement adds powerful benefits for advertisers and agencies whose video campaigns are served through our 3rd party video ad server. It’s an excellent complement to the robust measurement and reporting we provide at Extreme Reach.

Without proper safeguards in place, campaign spend can be wasted on non-viewable placements, invalid traffic or geographically irrelevant environments. Our integration with IAS solves for those issues by removing uncertainty, inefficiency and concerns around media quality from video buying. Extreme Reach now leverages IAS measurement and blocking technology, which makes it easy for our clients to verify the viewability, brand safety and geo-compliance across impressions and better protect their video campaigns.

In addition, advertisers no longer need to worry about tag wrapping. The IAS integration lives directly within the advertiser’s VPAID tag so the benefits of IAS verification measurement occur without any additional tags.

Ready to take your video verification to the next level? Reach out to our team at [email protected] to get started. We guarantee you’ll continue to get the same excellent customer service you expect from Extreme Reach & IAS.