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One Serious Obstacle to the Growth of Video Advertising

Digital video ad spend growth is projected to be in the double digits in the foreseeable future — an exciting prediction by any measure. However, a major obstacle stands in the way of such continued growth. Today only one-half of the video ad ecosystem works with the speed and accuracy that we’ve come to expect from advanced technologies. The buying and selling of media now happens in mere fractions of a second. It’s amazing! What you may not know is that after media buys take place at lightning speed, the actual execution of video campaigns slows to a crawl due to an industry-wide reliance on manual workflows.

Surprised? It takes entirely too long for digital video teams to track down creative assets. Then, ad files are duplicated again and again and scattered all over the Internet. Video campaigns start late, video quality degrades and rights infractions stack up — to the tune of $75 million annually.

Why? TV and video workflows are siloed, yet the same ad is being used for both campaigns almost every time. The current process requires digital video teams to hunt down assets, get transcodes for multiple formats, then FTP them to vendors where the files may get duplicated and reformatted yet again. And the current process effectively skips the Talent & Rights compliance steps.

Is there a solution? Yes! Streaming video ads from a secure, permissions-based, always-on location restores advertiser control and moves creative assets at the speed of today.

Streaming is a simple concept that has transformed industries — think Netflix® and Spotify® for starters — and it can eliminate the obstacles in video ad execution immediately. We’d call it a revolution, but moving to a streaming model is a whole lot faster and simpler than that — and there are no losers.