Obstacles to Launching Campaigns on Time

By Sandy Drayton  | 

Video advertising has evolved so quickly and in so many new directions that each day seems to bring brands new pathways for engaging consumers and forging tighter bonds with them. While it’s an exciting time for marketers to tell brand stories in more shapes, sizes and places, these new opportunities are creating an explosion in creative assets that’s making it harder to get campaigns out on time and in perfect format.

More Assets Mean More Complexity
The problem is only getting bigger. Data pulled from the proprietary Extreme Reach asset management platform shows that creative assets have increased 180% in 4 years for large brands and the number of teams needing access to them has ballooned to about 300.

No wonder respondents to our study with Advertiser Perceptions listed delivering assets in the right form as the biggest challenge to digital campaign starts. No. 2 was teams spending way too much time mired in manual, error-prone work. About half reported late campaign starts and formatting errors.

AdBridge Transforms Creative Asset Workflow
Clearly, finding, preparing and moving ad assets across a fragmented media landscape is more complex than ever. And legacy systems that rely on separate partners to serve individual pieces of the workflow process just aren’t sufficient anymore because they can’t scale to the demands of today’s digital era—and whatever tomorrow brings. Extreme Reach’s AdBridgeTM platform is designed to close this gap. AdBridge is a cloud platform purpose-built for creative asset workflow efficiency that provides marketers a fast, seamless means of managing and deploying creative assets across a fragmented media landscape.

We don’t make the creative or buy the media, but our platform handles everything in between. From asset storage and formatting, to delivery to any screen, device or IP destination, to tracking for Talent & Rights compliance, AdBridge manages it all seamlessly, no matter how many creative assets or media destinations are involved.

The Bridge from Yesterday to Today—and Tomorrow
In fact, we are the first and only company to integrate TV delivery with video ad serving and Talent & Rights management in one comprehensive, permissions-based platform. We did that because unifying all the interrelated processes of ad delivery ensures that AdBridge can prepare ads faster, with less error prone manual work so campaigns launch on time, with the ads in perfect quality and in compliance.

With AdBridge, on time means on time—no air quotes required.

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