New Report Finds Inefficiencies in Ad Industry Workflow

By Sandy Drayton  | 

The ad industry has long been driven by the twin forces of creativity and innovation. Great ads win the hearts and minds of consumers, while continued advances like programmatic buying and precision targeting ensure that creative is delivered and seen by the right audiences. But as the results of a new study from Extreme Reach and Advertiser Perceptions™ discovered, there’s a looming problem that now threatens the industry’s hard-won gains: inefficient creative asset workflow for video. In fact, 93% of ad ops professionals in the study cited issues with sourcing and preparing assets for video campaigns. What other takeaways do advertisers need to know from this new research? Here are three:

The ad industry’s current workflow system can easily cause chaos
It’s easy to assume that the ad industry’s continued embrace of technology has provided benefits to nearly every aspect of the creative and media-buying process. But the truth is that while the methods of buying and targeting media have improved dramatically, the system to get ad creative from the agency to the publisher remains a largely manual and ad hoc process that negatively impacts advertisers, agencies and publishers. According to the Extreme Reach and Advertiser Perceptions survey of industry professionals, 55% of respondents said their video campaigns missed their planned start date due to disconnected hand-offs in the process.

The need for collaboration is greater than ever before
Today’s advertising ecosystem is no longer dominated by a single ad agency or media partner. Instead, most marketers team up with a growing list of agencies and vendors who all must work together to deliver the final campaign to market. But with this increasing need for partnership and collaboration comes a growing need for better coordination. Yet, just at the moment that a simple, streamlined workflow is most needed, today’s technology-driven video campaigns are growing in complexity. This was confirmed again in the research: 60% of those who handle campaign activation said that mistakes are likely to happen due to the manual nature of today’s workflow process and the growing complexity of media specifications required by different publishers and vendors.

Streaming asset management can help solve today’s workflow challenges
Today’s largely manual creative asset workflow process is ill-equipped to address the growing complexity of today’s tech-driven video campaigns. But no matter how vexing this problem may appear, an easy-to-implement solution is available: cloud-based creative asset management. Extreme Reach’s survey found that many in the ad industry are eager to embrace just such a solution. When asked, “Would a service that allows the media agency, creative agency and client to share and access creative assets from a central, permissions-based cloud location be helpful?,” 88% said yes.

Ad industry professionals are confronted with big opportunities as well as big challenges. Technology now makes it possible to create and deliver great video ad campaigns like never before. But in the absence of a more streamlined system for delivering those video assets to market, the compelling campaigns advertising professionals have worked so hard to create may suffer from late starts, formatting issues, video quality degradation or even missed ad calls. It’s also driving job dissatisfaction inside the ranks of activation teams, 85% of whom cite improvement in this area as important to increasing their job satisfaction.

Are you ready to learn more about the future of streamlined, worry-free, video creative asset delivery?

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