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NEW DOWNLOAD: Understanding the Convergence of TV & Video

The rise and fall of media dollars to TV and Video is an ongoing topic in advertising. Take a look at the news in any given week. The stories are all around us: Facebook is trying to move into the TV advertising space; More Super Bowl TV advertisers are spending almost as much time and money to release their spots online; Young adult media habits are changing. The wide range of story lines and subplots can be hard to keep track of it all.

That’s why Extreme Reach has put together a new free download titled “Understanding the Convergence of TV and Video,” that provides an overview of the growing intersection of these two critical advertising channels. For anyone who works in the world of advertising and media buying, it’s the perfect opportunity to get up to speed on some of the industry’s most important topics and frequently asked questions, including:

  • How is media spending on TV and video changing over time?
  • What are some of the ways TV and video ad campaigns complement one another?
  • How are new viewing devices—connected TVs, smartphones—changing buying decisions?
  • Why do standardized metrics improve the scalability of both formats?

The continued convergence of TV and video shows no signs of slowing down. We expect TV and Video will come together even more as marketers distinguish less and less between the two. Today brands need the power of TV creative to work across all screens and it’s important to understand the trends and strategies that are shaping the convergence. Read on…

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