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Meet Kristian “Goldie” Golder, the first in a series, Meet Extreme Reach, from

Extreme Reach and Adstream came together in 2021 to bring marketers new solutions built for today’s complex media landscape. This begins a series that introduces our heads of business in regions around the world.

Sales Director for DACH, Nordics, Netherlands and Poland, Kristian Golder—known affectionately as “Goldie” by colleagues—embodies a vibe of infectious curiosity with a seemingly insatiable appetite for adventure. His first post-pandemic holiday, for example, was a trip to the Maldives where he documented “rare active predators” while freediving. Those qualities perhaps stem from a childhood spent splitting time between Germany and Kenya, a multicultural experience that provided the perfect platform to experiment and play.

Nature is central to Goldie’s life and his outdoor adventures provide a wealth of lessons that apply equally well to business. Read on to understand how fly-fishing has made him a better leader, his thoughts on the current state of the ad industry and what exactly he means by “unleashing the multichannel beast.” His favorite ad of the past few years? It may surprise you.

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