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Making Creative Asset Management a Competitive Advantage

Tune into a 20-minute presentation from the ANA Advertising Financial Management Conference to learn about essential best practices for marketers, their agencies and regional partners worldwide, that give brands a competitive advantage in today’s complex media landscape.

Seamless campaign activation and management of creative assets is more important than ever as ad spend increases and the world recovers from 2020. While domestic marketing has its fair share of complexity, global presents a particular set of challenges. Marketers must understand the unique asset requirements for each region, different languages and how best to connect and share assets across global teams. 

Stephen Robinson, General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer at Extreme Reach, breaks down four common pain points we hear from marketers and their partners. Give your brand a competitive advantage with these best practices!

View the presentation at your convenience and visit our website to learn more about ER’s centralized creative asset management platform built specifically for brand marketers and their agency partners who create and launch video campaigns across a complex global media landscape.