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How to Find the Right Mix Between “Self-Serve” and Managed Ad Vendors

Agencies and their clients have lots of vendor options when it’s time to run their video advertising campaigns. On the self-serve side, companies like Google have come to dominate the video advertising space, thanks to affordable, easy-to-use products like DoubleClick Campaign Manager. On the flip side are full-service ad operations teams that oversee all aspects of their partners’ ad campaign experience, saving time and headaches in the process. How should an agency pick between these two options? The answer is they don’t need to: with today’s top ad vendors, agencies can have the “best of both worlds.”

There’s no question that self-service campaign management is a great option for some agencies. This is particularly true of those who are working with small and mid-size clients, many of whom don’t have the budgets to afford full-service ad vendor support. Self-service also makes a lot of sense for advertisers that have straightforward campaign goals, standardized creative assets and simple requirements regarding analytics and targeting.

But as good as self-service campaign management can be, sometimes it simply isn’t enough. That’s when full-service ad vendors really come out to shine. In the agency world, time is at a premium, so having a dedicated team to handle all aspects of campaign management can eliminate time-intensive campaign setup and management processes. Full-service ad vendors also help ensure “peace of mind,” both for agencies and their clients. No matter how well prepared your campaign might be, issues like technical glitches and publisher missteps can cause unexpected problems. Having a human being to help work through these challenges can be a real life saver.

Running video ad campaigns is complicated enough as it is. Picking the right ad vendor to help run these campaigns shouldn’t add to the complexity. That’s why agencies should remember the choice between self- and full-service video ad servers is not an either/or decision. You can have both. Some of today’s top video ad servers offer self-service campaign management, combined with value-add full-service support to assist with unexpected campaign obstacles.