Feeling creatively unloved?

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*This article was first published on shots.net. If you have creative colleagues in the UK and EU, be sure to spread the word about the upcoming shots Awards 2019. We hear the Awards are coming to the US in 2020. Stay tuned for more on that!

Feeling creatively unloved? The shots Awards Europe 2019 chatline is waiting for you… Ever wanted to have the leading Creative Directors in London rhapsodise about your latest script and exalt your brilliance? If so, your fantasies are just a phone call away… 

We know what it’s like – you pour your heart into some spectacular copy or gloriously clever insight, only to have the bigwigs at the top treat it as humdrum flimflam. Where’s your pat on the back? Where’s the praise? When’s the promotion?!

Thankfully, as part of the drive to draw submissions for our shots Awards Europe 2019, the geniuses at Uncommon have created Hot Praise Hotline – a premium number set to fulfil all of your flattery fantasies. Launched with a delightfully retro film crafted by Biscuit‘s multi-talented Daniel Warwick, the chatline puts you in touch with the ECD or CCO of your dreams as they fill your ears with compliments, kudos and plaudits.

Brought together for the shoot was a cast of the UKs top ECDs and CCOs: Uncommon’s own Nils Leonard; Mr President’s Laura Jordan Bambach; Creature’s Stu Outhwaite-Noel; Publicis’ Dave Monk; BETC’s Rosie Bardales; and Leo Burnett’s Chaka Sobhani – all of whom have custom written tracks on the chatline.

UK HOTLINE: 0901-888-20-99
NON-UK HOTLINE: +44 1223-250-600

As will all premium numbers, the calls cost a pretty packet per minute. However, rather than lining our pockets, all proceeds will be going to the Creative Mentor Network, a smart training scheme that aims to make the creative world of work more diverse and inclusive.

Keen-eyed Cannes folk might also have seen the cheeky ECDs touting their wares at our shots Party, in the pages of the Cannes Daily and in some of the Croisette’s most frequented bathrooms.

Obviously, if you’re after GENUINE respect and praise from the best in the business, you’ll want to enter your work into the shots Award Europe 2019. Full details on how to enter can be found on the shots Awards page.

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