ER Launches AdBridge Marketing Campaign; Beware the Air Quotes

By Sandy Drayton  | 


Or, more accurately, for some great news!

We’re excited to announce the launch of a marketing campaign for AdBridge, our platform for creative asset workflow. This is big—both for us and the advertising industry that has advanced massively in certain areas, but has inadvertently left the management and movement of creative behind. While media can be bought and sold in an instant, challenges remain in connecting the creative with the media so that it plays perfectly everywhere it needs to be.

When creative assets live in AdBridge, with all their Talent & Rights data, campaigns launch on time, stop on a dime and play perfectly on every screen and device, which means that brands and agencies are set up for success in today’s fragmented media environment—and for whatever innovations tomorrow brings.

At ER we set the bar for creativity and breakthrough marketing as high as the brands we work with do. We think you’ll find the campaign really funny, engaging and, most of all, right on point with the issues that are top of mind in the industry.

Stay tuned to this space—there’s so much more to come. But now we invite you to take a look at our three-minute video. Air quotes may never be the same!

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