Ensuring Pristine Ad Assets in a Creative Everywhere World

By Alyssa Nejaime  | 

Everyone agrees that the combination of sight, sound and motion is the fastest, surest way to make a powerful, emotional connection with viewers. That’s part of the reason eMarketer expects the digital video industry to grow significantly in size and complexity through 2021. But when the sight, sound or motion of a video doesn’t play the way it’s supposed to, it can have a powerful impact on brand reputation. And not in a good way.

A Well-Kept and Perplexing Secret
It remains a mystery that in an industry driven by innovation, outdated, manual processes are still relied upon for creative asset management when media buying and selling occur at the speed of light. That gulf is likely to get wider with all the new opportunities that brands have for telling their stories in more shapes, sizes and places than ever. But marketers will be hard-pressed to capitalize on them if they let the broken workflows of legacy solutions interfere with how creative and media come together.

A New Reality Demands a New Workflow
In the days before digital, marketers didn’t spend much time worrying that the video the creative team had spent months laboring over would reach its (linear) destination and play perfectly on every TV screen, every time.

Today, the sheer number of asset formats that are required for all the new destinations and devices are overwhelming advertisers and the results are, quite literally, not pretty. We’ve all seen an ad that hasn’t been properly formatted to the specifications of the destination. Poor visibility and/or audio of a video also makes a brand look sloppy and cheap—hardly the image brands want to cultivate.

A Solution to Bridge the Gap
With AdBridge, all the creative lives in one centralized, permission-based cloud clearinghouse that allows far-flung (and close by) teams to access assets and collaborate quickly and seamlessly. Equally important is that AdBridge provides automatic transcoding of each and every asset, of any shape and size, to the exact specifications of all destinations in the media plan. In other words, AdBridge ensures that every ad that travels through an IP-based path will arrive in perfect quality and to exact specifications—no labor-intensive manual input required.

With AdBridge, marketers can now move stories at the speed of technology and capitalize on all the opportunities that the evolutions in media now offer brands for better engaging consumers.

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