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Connecting Workflow for a Connected TV World

An Extreme Reach presentation at the MediaPost TV & Video Insider Summit focuses on eliminating pain points in the video ad ops workflow.

Ad serving is easy. It connects the creative with the media. But what comes before, after and in between that connection is not so simple. Connecting Workflow for a Connected TV World, reveals how easy it is to eliminate pain points in the ad ops workflow when your ad server is integrated with your creative asset portal, the single source of final creative.

In an insights-filled 10-minute presentation, John Springer, ER’s Digital Marketing Strategist, illustrates how a connected workflow, purpose built for every team involved in launching a campaign, provides a simple solution to the everyday problems of video advertising. 

View the recording at your convenience to see how you can save time and money and gain much needed control in the ad ops workflow. Visit our website to learn more about the benefits of ad serving with Extreme Reach.