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Extreme Reach—A Top Ad Tech Player

It’s hard to stand-out and rise above the dizzying array of ad tech solutions fighting for a piece of the global ad industry. This sector often plays pretty “loose” with B2B marketing claims on websites and in marketing material, which makes it very difficult to parse the facts from the sizzle.

So, we were especially proud to be named (for the 3rd consecutive year!) to AdExchanger’s List, The Top 50 2022 Programmatic Power Players. In their words, “Programmatic Power Players companies were chosen from the hundreds of submissions received from across the globe. AdExchanger’s editors evaluated each entry based on the strength and breadth of its offerings, its documented case studies and client references.”

Extreme Reach—An Ad Tech Power Player?
You bet! Did you know that our robust video ad serving solution is different then every other point solution competitor? While we love winning awards and accolades like this one, we’re actually much prouder of why we win—driving our clients’ success with groundbreaking solutions that solve real problems and move the industry forward.

Lest you think I’m guilty of the “looseness” of claims I called out in the opening paragraph, here are the facts that we believe drove our selection for this esteemed list. 

Video Ad Serving is an Essential Part of Activation, Not the Whole
Our solution, in operation for nearly a decade, stands up against every point solution but stands out because it’s integrated seamlessly within our end-to-end creative-to-media platform. To be clear, as an agnostic and independent activation platform, we do not play in the media transaction space. We do not buy or sell media. To understand the powerful case for integration vs. point solutions when activating campaigns, let’s explore the facts.

Fact #1
Video ad serving is a delivery path, albeit entirely different from the linear TV delivery process. It is the mechanism by which a piece of creative plays in front of a consumer.

Fact #2
Just like linear TV, every digital media plan for CTV, online video, AVOD, OTT, mobile, etc. needs the creative in highly specialized formats so it plays in pristine quality according to complex plans. 

Fact #3
While digital teams are not historically responsible for ensuring that campaigns run in compliance with strict usage rights, marketers expect this. The risks of non-compliance are extremely serious and costly.

Fact #4
Marketing in 2022 and beyond must be screen-agnostic to meet the consumer wherever they roam. The ability to shift plans as fast as consumers shift viewing requires that all paths in for creative, and out to media placements, are integrated seamlessly.

Don’t Fall Down on Execution
Full disclosure: Before I joined ER in 2015, I was the CMO of an ad tech company. I have sincere and deep respect for that entire sector. The innovation in data-driven media planning, buying, and selling is nothing short of transformative. 

But in the race to leverage the promise of this ad-supported “content everywhere” world, old legacy operations remain under the surface, needlessly creating widespread activation issues and holding the industry back.

Treating Linear TV delivery and video ad serving as two different point solutions, selected in silos, ignores two things: the shared foundational requirements (creative needs to be prepared, mapped, and “delivered” in compliance with usage rights) and the fact that seamless integration of all delivery paths is the only way to shift plans in response to ever-changing media consumption across screens.   

It is simply illogical to have separate workflows for different kinds of screens. Masterfully architected screen-agnostic plans deserve equally brilliant activation and optimization workflow.

Extreme Reach: An Ad Tech Power Player!
We believe Extreme Reach stood out in AdExchanger’s review of hundreds of submissions because we are the first and only fully integrated campaign activation platform. Our robust, MRC-accredited video ad serving solution is built within a single creative-to-media supply chain because every media plan needs the creative, and optimizing across screens is only truly possible in one command and control center.  

We are honored to be recognized for the strength and breadth of the value we bring to the industry. We’ve been turning old ways into better ways for almost 15 years and we will never stop. Reach out. We are always here!

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