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Brands Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day

Around the country, people are excited to get out their green and raise a glass on Saint Patrick’s Day. According to data and tech company Numerator, 44% of US consumers plan to celebrate the holiday this year, compared to 30% in 2022, when Covid fears kept some would-be revelers at home. Here’s a look at some additional findings from Numerator’s recent study.

  • Of those celebrating, 28% plan to meet up with family or friends and 27% will anticipate going out for a meal or drinks.
  • Alcohol will be part of most festivities and beer is the drink of choice for 70% of consumers. All brands benefit from a lift in sales in March, with regional differences reflected in beer preferences. 
  • It’s no surprise that Irish beers sell well on St. Patrick’s Day. Numerator data shows that Guinness regularly jumps from the #17 beer to the #9 beer in the month of March.
  • Shopping will be done in person by 76% of consumers as 42% buy their drinks at grocery stores, followed by mass retailers (29%) and liquor stores (19%).
  • Gen Z and millennials will opt for convenience, purchasing their party food and drink from gas stations or delivery services like Instacart or DoorDash.

Brands are getting in on the fun with a range of campaigns. In a 60-second spot starring actress Regina Hall, Jameson is encouraging SPTO—Saint Patrick’s Day Time Off, aided by cardboard likenesses — or desk decoys — that stand in at the office for those out celebrating. Guinness wants customers to know that this beloved Irish holiday is for everyone, as emphasized in a hero spot highlighting the many different ways people celebrate. And Jack in the Box burger chain paired with Mint Mobile phone service to promote a limited-edition Mint Mobile Shake in a series of spots starring actor (and Mint Mobile co-owner) Ryan Reynolds and Jack Box, the chain’s iconic mascot. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!