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Altogether Now.

Hello!  If you know Extreme Reach, we expect you’ll find our new website to be a welcome surprise. If you don’t yet know us, we invite you to take a look around and see how we can bring efficiency, speed and cost savings to you and your teams.

We founded Extreme Reach to simplify the activation of TV and video advertising across every screen so that advertisers and agencies can focus on the bigger picture while our teams and technology handle all the critical steps in the background. After all, it’s rarely the glamorous parts of advertising that create the pain. It’s the details, workflow and manual processes at the heart of executing a holistic TV and Video campaign that can derail the best of strategies.

When your ad is destined for the traditional TV and the ones we all have in our hands, Extreme Reach takes care of getting it everywhere it needs to go in pristine condition and according to plan. At the same time, we’ll ensure that every ad runs in compliance with Talent & Rights contracts so you’ll never get surprised by unexpected and hefty fees. In the background it’s complex but for our clients, we make it easy.

Bringing TV and Video Together

Every day, 5,000 new brand ads arrive in our creative library. In fact, 80% of ads airing on TV get there thanks to Extreme Reach. And though most brands use those same “TV” ads for their video campaigns, the teams working on TV and Video activation are often siloed and disconnected. Out of concert with one another, teams unintentionally duplicate efforts or worse, waste time and money searching for assets and paying for unnecessary formatting charges.

Imagine those teams working together in one platform. Ads are saved in one central creative library with a unique ID and specified permissions that make cross-team communication, responsibility hand-offs, automatic formatting for all screens, and quality control both easy and productive. That is altogether better for the ads, the advertiser and the teams involved.

Talent & Rights Too

Behind every ad are many contracts, not just for the performers you see but also for the music, voices, intellectual property and more. As ad-supported content increasingly floods onto video screens everywhere, it’s really challenging to monitor where ads go. Last year, brands wasted over $75 million paying late fees and penalties because it was humanly impossible to track ad usage across the vast internet. That’s why we solved that thorny problem with an easy solution–the Trust Tag™.

TV and Video Advertising Starts Here, Lives Here and Plays Everywhere

Whether you create ads, design plans or play a role in execution, we exist so that you can succeed. We will never stop inventing new ways to help teams everywhere work faster, better and smarter together on behalf of great brand advertising. But we are proud, right now, to bring you the industry’s only start-to-finish cloud software for flawlessly activating ads across any screen. And we think that’s altogether better for everyone.

Altogether Now,

John Roland
Chief Executive Officer