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Advertisers Need to Shine a Light on Shadows of Doubt Around Asset Management

Are you still trying to meet new advertising realities with old, disjointed workflow solutions? You’re certainly not alone, but you’re definitely making asset management more complex, costly and fallible than it needs to be.

Organizational psychology would say that’s because the human brain is hard-wired to resist any and all change and will fight hard to stay with what’s familiar. No doubt that’s true but it doesn’t factor in the elephant in the room—most of us are simply so busy managing the tectonic shifts in the industry that we’re missing the chance to lay the foundation for real, transformative change in the trenches.

Brilliant Creative Needs a Workhorse of a Workflow
You may not get goosebumps when you think about operational efficiency and seamless creative asset workflow, but we do at Extreme Reach. We’ve been anchored in the middle of the ecosystem for more than a decade and see every day the damaging effects broken workflows are having on teams trying to capitalize on all the new shapes, sizes and places for telling brand stories.

All this opportunity doesn’t come without its share of challenges and friction. Telling more stories means making more creative and the sheer number of assets is overwhelming marketers at every stage of the campaign development and execution process—from finding the asset to formatting it for every screen, to ensuring Talent & Rights are in compliance.

The Revolution Will Be Televised. And Digitized. And Personalized. And Workflow Optimized
All that is too tall an order for legacy workflows built to accommodate a simpler, pre-digital time. And tacking on point solutions to handle ad serving, Talent & Rights, asset storage and formatting, worked for a time as a stop gap but now it’s just causing campaigns to launch late, with creative that doesn’t play perfectly on the screen and is often out of compliance with union contracts.

Things are only going to get more complex and chaotic in the months and years ahead. As functionalities like dynamic creative optimization, dynamic ad insertion, addressable TV, personalized video and others get more established, the resulting creative renaissance will only further tax legacy workflows—and everyone who touches the campaign.

Erasing Doubt to Cultivate Loyalty
There’s no room for any shadows of doubt about campaign execution in today’s fiercely competitive battle for consumers’ loyalty and love. Stories have to move at the speed of technology. Fortunately, now they can.

AdBridge™ is the only asset management solution to integrate all the interrelated functions—TV delivery, video ad serving, Talent & Rights—of asset workflow into one comprehensive platform that enables video everywhere in the most seamless, efficient way possible.

Put a quick yet transformative WIN on the board by holding AdBridge accountable for every step that connects the creative with every media placement. Then get back to spending all your time and energy on the big things—creating amazing stories and crafting brilliant media plans.