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Addressing Ad Ops Challenges in a Content Everywhere World

Ad ops people tend to tell it like it is, for good reason. Lining up ad creative with media moments in today’s multi-channel world can be near impossible when advertisers, programmers, MVPDs and others rely on disparate, outdated workflows to serve creative across an increasingly complex, fragmented landscape.

At ER, we’ve heard ad ops leaders’ frustrations with the status quo—particularly when it comes to the sell side. Their challenges are why we launched AdBridge™ for Sellers why we’re working with corporate partners like Greg Lubetkin of Disney to ensure that our platform meets the needs of a rapidly changing industry. Our own Bunker Sessions, who leads the AdBridge for Sellers team, took the stage with Greg at the AdMonsters Ops conference to discuss the issues impeding ad delivery in a content everywhere world and the solutions we’re developing to resolve them.

Whisper down the Lane is for Kids, Not Ad Delivery
In the old broadcast days, ad delivery was straightforward. But the workflows for linear TV simply don’t apply to the digital world. And broadcast itself is getting more complex due to the rise of precise targeting and audience segmenting. To move creative ad assets through these multiplying supply chains, many ad ops people have been cobbling together point solutions to handle linear delivery, digital distribution and Talent & Rights management. And in that scenario, getting the ad creative to all its destinations and in all its various formats, plays out like the children’s game of telephone—the initial phrase (or ad in this case) ending up completely unrecognizable after being passed through every participant (or point solution).

A VAST Improvement on Legacy Workflows
For Greg, who is responsible for most of the ad trafficking and delivery for Disney/ABC digital, that process is untenable. Eager to improve on a system that passes an ad from point solution to point solution—often degrading its quality in the process—Greg is passionate about finding a more streamlined approach. AdBridge for Sellers, which incorporates AD-ID and VAST 4.0 as a single trafficking mechanism, is designed to both simplify delivery for programmers and also help make campaigns more efficient and effective. The testing we’ve done with Disney allows campaigns built in separate linear and digital siloes to be managed on a single platform that ensures the right ad gets to the right destination in the right format at the right time.

A win for all
With AdBridge for Sellers, redundant workflow processes are eliminated, programmers don’t have to account for different delivery requirements, brands are better positioned to engage consumers, and publishers can sell inventory for what it’s worth. The efficiencies for programmers are so great that Greg is projecting a very significant reduction in time spent by his ad ops team using this new workflow, created by AdBridge for Sellers. As we roll out our full suite of trafficking services for the sell side, we’ll be making workflow more efficient for all of our partners while helping them manage and navigate the ever-evolving landscape of Advanced TV. Look for us on stage at the NAB Streaming Summit in NYC, October 16-17, where we’ll provide an update with our partners on the progress we’re making.