Ad Serving Deserves AdBridge

By Sandy Drayton  | 

At its core, advertising is simply about connecting creative with media. But in today’s world—one driven by the continual emergence of new tools and technologies like programmatic, Advanced TV, OTT, CTV, etc.—nothing is simple. Serving video ads out to all the screens, devices and platforms they’re destined for, on-time and in pristine condition, is an increasingly complex process incorporating multiple interrelated functions such as talent and rights management, asset preparation, traffic and clearance and TV distribution. Legacy approaches that keep video ad serving siloed from the other aspects of asset management and delivery make for too many gaps and weak links to effectively and seamlessly connect creative with media.

Marketers need a better way—a single unified, coordinated video asset supply chain that can unlock the potential of all the new ways for getting creative in front of the right audiences. This way exists right now and our new AdBridgeTM “Air Quotes” campaign is a vehicle for spreading the word further across the industry. The creation and management of the campaign gave us the opportunity to actually be an ER client — to experience directly the services ER provides to so many leading brands. When our campaign was ready to launch, the ad serving was, of course, done by AdBridge. The value of one central, secure, permission-based clearinghouse for managing all video assets and delivering them in the right formats for their destinations was crystal clear. No late starts. No formatting errors. No surprises. In a word, it was seamless. Just like our thousands of customers experience AdBridge every single day.

The pressure of constant change for today’s marketers isn’t going to ease up anytime soon. But the headaches of delayed campaigns, formatting issues and uncertainties around Talent & Rights compliance are a thing of the past when assets are managed and ad served with AdBridge.

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