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A Note from our CEO to ER Clients and Partners: An Exciting Step Forward

Powering the world of video advertising.

To Our Valued Customers and Partners,

Today marks an exciting step forward for Extreme Reach and, by extension, the global advertising industry.

Our company exists at the intersection of enabling the creative process and providing the precise logistics required to deploy your stories according to intricate plans. Today, we are proud to be The Global Leader in Creative Logistics. This position reflects all we do, but more importantly, answers the markets’ call for a transformative solution that simplifies massive complexity to solve today’s challenges and prepares our industry for everything the future holds.

In June, we acquired Adstream to deliver unparalleled control, visibility and insight via a global, end-to-end platform for the activation of omnichannel campaigns. I’m pleased to report that we are now a fully unified team of 1,100 experts across 140 countries, operating in 45 languages. Our technology integration is well-underway and moving faster than we even expected. We’re ready to power your success anywhere in the world.

Why does the industry need Creative Logistics?
  • Creative Assets Everywhere
    As brands, agencies and production companies produce more content than ever before, centralization is paramount. Only then can teams see exactly which assets are being used, by who, in what region and for which media placements. Equally critical is the ability to manage talent payments and rights usage with precision across a fragmented media landscape.
  • Transformation of “TV”
    To move as fast as media consumption shifts, every path to linear and non-linear destinations must be integrated in one platform. As the trusted partner to broadcasters and publishers around the world, ER is the only company that integrates linear TV delivery and video ad serving (CTV, OTT, Addressable, Mobile, Desktop, VOD, etc.) together. Now, brands and agencies can truly optimize across the entire TV, video and addressable landscape.
  • One Supply Chain Boosts Efficiency and Reveals Insights
    One complete logistics platform unites the many teams and steps required to prepare and marry all the creative with all the media placements to activate campaigns. This significantly increases speed, efficiency, and accuracy while returning revealing insights as a function of the very process itself.

Extreme Reach is proud to be the first and only global creative logistics solution for the advertising ecosystem. We are privileged to work with 90% of the top global advertisers and so many brands on the rise, large and small. Thank you for your trust, support and partnership. We’re excited to face a brilliant future together. Enjoy our anthem video and learn more here.


Tim Conley