A New Creative Renaissance Calls for a New Way to Bridge Growing Workflow Gaps

By Sandy Drayton  | 

The media landscape is dramatically different from that of a decade ago and bears little relation to the one many of today’s marketing and advertising execs built their careers on. And while no industry is immune to change, most of us could make a pretty good case for claiming media, entertainment and advertising as among those that have experienced the most disruption.

But marketers keep stepping up to the plate, finding the silver lining in every new challenge associated with industry evolution and capitalizing on all the new ways and places they can now tell brand stories and engage with consumers. And they’ve done it with an aging infrastructure that threatens to collapse under the weight of the explosion of assets that has resulted from today’s creative everywhere reality.

Helping Creative Keep Pace with the Speed of Media
Struggling to keep pace with the rate of media change, marketers have tried to adapt workflows developed in TV’s golden era to somehow work for the expanding digisphere. Given the limitations of the old approaches, the result has been increasing numbers of late campaign starts, poor formatting and ever-more-expensive violations in Talent & Rights.

Media buying and selling has so far outpaced creative delivery that there’s now too much space between them. It’s a very basic concept, but media and creative are nothing without the other. It’s only when the brand story — so painstakingly crafted – connects with the media moment that an ad finds its audience on whatever digital screen it’s destined for. And old workflows are not scaling well to suit the demands of a new creative renaissance wrought by the maturation of programmatic, advanced TV, OTT, CTV, addressable, and dynamic creative optimization.

A Bridge from Today to Tomorrow
Every team that needs access to the finished creative in order to launch a campaign also needs an asset workflow designed for the realities of today and the complexities of tomorrow. ER’s AdBridge is exactly that. It’s a purpose-built platform that provides marketers with the centralized, integrated, creative asset management solution that enables them to keep pace with the speed of technology.

By reducing the touchpoints along the path from finished creative to the playing of the video, marketers can minimize the opportunities for errors, reduce the time spent hunting and manually coordinating assets, ensure that the formatting is in tune with every set of specs, and include Talent & Rights details in the process. With one integrated workflow, marketers can spend more time on strategy while the platform powers the campaign, tying media and creative tightly together, no matter how many twists and turns are encountered along the way.

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