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New Brand Mirrors the Evolution of Extreme Reach

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Six months ago I joined Extreme Reach feeling like a CMO in a candy store! Here’s why:

First, the company is pioneering and fearless and full of great people who are dedicated, smart and authentic and who share a passion for putting the customer’s success above all else. Secondly, I would get to tell a value story that can actually change the way teams do business and have widespread impact on the future of the brand advertising industry. And lastly, I could feed my inner geek at a company with advanced enterprise technology that’s truly pioneering and one-of-a-kind.

Today, I am proud to introduce our new brand, corporate identity and narrative. It has been an exciting journey of company self-reflection and external research to land on the fundamental truth of who we are today, the value we bring to the market and how we imagine our future.

Our redesigned logo and brighter teal-based color palette reflect the qualities that Extreme Reach embodies, both as a company and a culture. We are strong, bold and distinctive, yet friendly, welcoming, trustworthy and reliable.

The arches in our previous logo that speak to our wide and expansive reach are now elevated into a flowing ribbon to illustrate that TV and Video ads start here, live here and play everywhere. We seamlessly guide ads every step of the way, from concept to all screens and devices, enabling campaign execution at the speed of today. Our new mark, like our technology, is complete yet open – both solid and transparent – constantly moving forward with fluid, responsive simplicity.

And finally, our tagline: Altogether Now™. It is simultaneously, a call-to-action to “sing along” to a better way and a declaration that a single, start-to-finish platform is now a reality for advertisers and agencies. It is a new way to do business better right now. We are altogether current, altogether different and altogether better for ads, advertisers and their agency teams.

If you touch the TV and Video advertising process in any way, get in touch with us so we can make you more successful. It’s our favorite thing to do.

Altogether Now.