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A Day of Giving

This year marked the 18th anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks and like thousands of others around the country, a group of Extreme Reachers in the New York office spent 9/11 commemorating the tragedy and its victims by giving back to the community.

As participants in this year’s 9/11 Day Project, we joined more than four thousand other New York volunteers on the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum to pack nonperishable meals for needy New York families and for victims of Hurricane Dorian.

The 9/11 Day project, which was founded by Jay Winuk as a major community service effort to help those in need, is designed to give citizens an opportunity to both honor those who were killed or injured as well as those who rose to service and performed acts of selflessness in the wake of the tragedy.

“That was the way it was done after 9/11, people coming together, putting aside their differences,” said Winuk, who lost his brother in the 2001 attacks. “When disaster strikes, it’s amazing how everyone comes in to chip in and mitigate that disaster.”

Winuk said having the staging area on top of the Intrepid helped to send a poignant message to the world, especially those who are serving in the military overseas.

While September 11 has become a somber, sad day meant for reflection, the volunteer event on the Intrepid was anything but with volunteers celebrating the spirit of how people banded together to help rather than focusing on the trauma and loss. Music blasted, people from all walks of life bagged nonperishables such as lentils, rice, beans and oatmeal for those in need. When all was said and done, we packed 3,149,186 meals for people in need, with over 150,000 meals going to Hurricane Dorian Relief.

Actor Kevin Bacon and the cast of the Broadway musical “Come From Away” also lent a helping hand in the meal pack, telling CBS local news that the spirit of service is the best way to remember.

Throughout its history, the 9/11 Day project has worked to expand the spirit of volunteerism beyond New York and now has programs in Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, St. Louis, Dallas and Phoenix. In addition to packing 750 lunches on the Intrepid, Extreme Reach also provided—pro bono, of course—a range of services to support the PSA ad campaign in advance of the event. More specifically, we offered PSA media consulting on the best timing and destinations for the creative, station and PSA director support for accessing the creative, Nielsen encoding for airing detection and ad delivery.

“We’re honored to be able to support the 9/11 Day Project’s outreach efforts with both our ad delivery technologies and our teams’ time,” said Kevin Crummy, sales director at Extreme Reach. “Fostering a sense of service, support and generosity is so important in today’s world and we’re pleased to be able to support such efforts as valuable as the 9/11 Day Project in every way we can.”