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6 Things Account Managers Need to Know for Great Digital Video Campaigns

In just one short decade, digital video campaigns have transformed the advertising world. Today, agencies, clients and their partners have virtually unlimited opportunities with digital video, creating unprecedented options for real-time targeting, monitoring and buying across screens. Yet with these new opportunities come added complexity. As an account manager, here are six factors to keep in mind to ensure your campaign is bought, published and measured as successfully as possible:

  1. Know Your Vendors – It’s likely you already know the key contacts who handle your digital video campaigns. But in the rare event you don’t, it’s worth finding out. Having quick access can make a big difference if one of your advertisers (or campaigns) runs into unexpected technical or creative problems.
  2. Know What Quality Looks Like Don’t settle for delivering anything less than a TV-quality master to your digital distribution partners, even if it’s just meant for online. Given the proliferation of new digital viewing options like connected TVs and higher-quality broadband video streaming, you don’t want to risk running a “lower quality” spot. Working with a distribution partner who’s equipped to handle the complexities of transcoding creative for different formats and placements can be a real time-saver.
  3. Know What You’re Buying – The rapidly expanding range of online video options has also multiplied the number of video ad specs and standards, for example: desktop vs. mobile vs. TV, plus VAST and VPAID, along with how they are measured and tracked. Know what your media contacts are buying, and correspondingly, the best way to measure success for each standard.
  4. Know Your Metrics – The range of ways to measure video campaigns is rapidly expanding. While one placement might be best understood purely on click-through rate or conversions, others might be better tracked in terms of viewability or audience demographics and GRPs.
  5. Know Your Options – Know what your various video tech vendors have to offer to make sure you’re taking advantage. For example, you might use your tech vendor just to handle distribution of video creative. But some vendors offer features like tracking of digital talent rights, viewability and brand lift, saving your agency (and client) time and money.
  6. Know What’s Working – More so than any other previous ad format, digital offers the opportunity to review results, and optimize in real-time. Keep an eye on campaign performance as it runs and adjust accordingly if modifications are necessary.