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3 Ways Marketers Win with a Connected Creative-to-Media Supply Chain

If the global advertising industry was born today, there is no question that it would be designed with a centralized activation platform at its core where all teams in-house and external come together to execute intricate plans. Imagine a single, end-to-end creative-to-media supply chain with all paths in for assets and every path out to any media type, in any market. Alas, because this industry has evolved over many decades, we find ourselves in a current reality badly in need of transformation to meet the challenges of today’s marketing landscape. The typical marketing campaign process is a dizzying array of multiple moving parts and cobbled-together point solutions. This disconnected operational workflow creates an environment where the likelihood of slowdowns, problems and delays are nearly inevitable.

Turning a blind eye to the less-than-ideal marketing operations has hardly been intentional but it will bring down a brilliant creative and well-architected media strategy. Change is hard, especially with the near-constant pressure marketing teams face to accomplish more and move more rapidly. The good news is that, like tackling a hard puzzle, this last piece is the easiest and it returns powerful benefits.

At the intersection of creative production and marketing operations is Creative Logistics — the modern approach to marrying all the brand creative with all the media placements in one platform with unparalleled control, visibility and insight. By simplifying massive complexity, teams work seamlessly together in cloud technology to move creative flawlessly at the speed of media and in compliance with usage rights. Not only does this meet the intense challenges of today’s marketing landscape, it prepares the global advertising industry for a flourishing future.

Creative Logistics restores control for the marketing ecosystem, illuminates the end-to-end activation activity and returns insights that drive business for competitive advantage.

Control in the Face of Fragmentation
The forces of fragmentation are very real — from media consumption to marketing tech stacks to exploding demands on content creation. Spreadsheets, file folders and the human brain can no longer handle the gargantuan task of creative asset management and marrying all the stories with all the media placements. Creative Logistics is the antidote to fragmentation, aggregating all the teams across markets in a flawless relay race to launch, monitor and optimize campaigns.

Complete Visibility Enables Agility
Brands today need more content than ever before, but with the current state of tech stacks, dispersed teams and the wide variety of channels available, that content is often decentralized. And this disconnection puts marketers at the mercy of what they don’t know. With no holistic view of all their creative assets, and who is adapting what for which markets, marketers can’t truly see what’s working and what’s not. They lack a singular source of truth that reveals whether they’ve created too much content, or too little.  A decentralized asset management and deployment construct means vital insight is lost in the shadows of gap-filled workflows.

Optimization and agility require all the information necessary to make the best decisions quickly. A single end-to-end logistics solution for brand creative provides complete visibility of all team activity and creative asset usage throughout the entire process from production to deployment across all media types in every market.

Insight Reveals Itself
With control restored and visibility firmly in place, the Creative Logistics approach then makes it possible for marketing, agency and production teams to access more data and insights than ever before. The truth reveals itself as a powerful byproduct of the workflow when all the creative is married with the media plan in one activation platform. Creative Logistics illuminates everything brands need to know about creative usage, waste, performance and ROI.

Creative Logistics for the Win
Creative Logistics consolidates all aspects of omnichannel campaign activation into one, fully integrated global solution. It is the holistic approach that brings the infrastructure of the industry up-to-speed with the landscape and future-proofs operations. Marketers want their creative partners focused on the consumer, the brand and great creative. They want their media agencies focused on the crazy quilt of channels that will deliver brand stories to the best prospects at scale. Nobody wants complexity.

At Extreme Reach, our global creative-to-media supply chain answers the challenges of a complex marketing landscape and an equally complicated infrastructure under the global advertising ecosystem. We’re proud and excited to change the marketing world for the better with the first and only Creative Logistics platform for all.