2 Challenges Marketers Face With Convergence of TV and Digital Campaigns

By Extreme Reach  | 

Digiday’s recent Brand Summit brought together marketers from 80+ brands who shared, over three days, many of the challenges they face in today’s fast changing world. The brands represented a wide range of companies – large and small, established and new, targeting a range of customers – and several themes emerged. In a world of accelerated speed, deep competition on every level, and technology that both helps and complicates the life of a marketer, it’s clear that brand marketers share pain points across the board. Two main issues that rose to the top involve the convergence of TV and Digital campaigns.

  1. Managing separate agencies for TV and Digital — Though most brands use the same creative assets for both TV and Digital campaigns, the work for each channel is often handled by separate agencies. The biggest issues here are communication and disconnected workflows. While agencies typically all report to the brand marketing team, making sure that all parties are on the same page is no small task. We recommend that marketers make sure that any and all requests for creative assets flow through one team and one vendor in order to ensure that the video quality remains pristine on any and every screen where the ad runs.
  2. Measuring the effectiveness of TV and Digital — Tools for measuring the impact of TV and Digital campaigns have not yet converged. Until that time comes, it’s important for marketers to have a full understanding of the range of ways that video campaigns can be measured. Some campaigns are best suited to measuring click-through rates or conversions, while viewability or audience demographics is a better indicator of success for other campaigns. The key here, as a brand marketer, is to know what your video vendor offers so that you’re taking advantage of all the measurement tools available to you. Certain vendors focus purely on the distribution of video creative, while others provide viewability analytics and brand lift studies, both of which save you time and money. Extreme Reach even tracks digital talent rights, something that is often overlooked in digital media and can lead to unintended and avoidable fees.
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